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The Caravans: "I'm Not Tired Yet"

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Staple Singers Sister Rossetta Tharpe The Sensational Bright Stars
Rare Gospel LPs

What can be gleaned from this list is that there are a number of very collectible gospel labels as follows: Apollo, Battle, Champ, Checker, Constellation, Designer, Dooto, Dootone, Gospel, HLF, HSE, King, Nashboro (through #7063), Peacock (through 128), Regent, Richburg, Sar, Savoy (through @14170), Sharp, Sher-Mar, Sphere Sound, Su-Ann, Tru-Sound, Vee-Jay (mono, w/maroon labels or oval logos), and Woodrich. Almost all the releases from these labels are valuable as noted below.

$$ Name Title Label Mono # Stereo # Comments
75 A'Cappels Magnificent Voices Savoy MG-14084
250 Acrum, Rev. Charles H... Show Me The Way Sher-Mar ?? ...Fab. Doylette Gos.
50 Allen, Rance Group Say My Friend Capitol ST-11613
75 Allin, Bill & Gospelaers He Was A Friend Of Mine Miami Gospel 1083
50 Anderson, Robert In Times Like These Savoy MG-14073
50 Anderson, Robert Only By Grace Savoy MG-14116
50 Angelic Choir The Angelic Choir Savoy MG-14075
50 Angelic Gospel Choir The Angelic Gospel Choir Savoy MG-14049
50 Angelic Gospel Singers Scripture In Song Constellation SS 103 Book IV
75 Angelic Gospel Singers Angelic Gospel Singers Nashboro LP 7003
50 Angelic Gospel Singers Songs From The Heart Nashboro LP 7021
50 Angelic Gospel Singers Best Of Nashboro LP 7047
50 Angelic Gospel Singers Jesus Paid It All Nashboro LP 7061
75 Angels Of Joy of L.A.CA Someone Who Cares BRP BRP 105
50 Argo Singers Near The Cross Vee Jay LP 5012
50 Back Home Choir Come Out Of Wilderness Tru-Sound Tru 60004
75 Bailey, Howard Singers Lord I'll Go Savoy MG-14115
75 Bailey, Howard Singers Adopted Into The Royal... Savoy MG-14141 ...Family
75 Ballinger, Robert Little Black Train Peacock PLP-110
50 Ballinger, Robert Swing Down Chariot Peacock PLP-119
50 Banks Brothers For My Sake Savoy MG-14071
50 Banks Brothers Wonderous Cross Savoy MG-14082
50 Banks Brothers It Took A Miracle Savoy MG-14102
50 Banks Brothers Stand By Me Savoy MG-14146
50 Barrett Sisters Jesus Loves Me Savoy MG-14094
50 Barrett, Delores I'll Fly Away Savoy MG-14114
200 Barrett, T.L., & Youth... Like A Ship M.Z.G.P. 8126 ...For Christ
50 Bass, Martha I'm So Grateful Checker LP 10022 LPS 10022
100 Bells Of Joy The Bells Of Joy Checker LP 10001
100 Bells Of Joy Songs That Bring Joy Nashboro LP 7028
125 Best, Nathaniel Get Your House In Order Spirit ??
50 Bethlehem Gospel Sing Holy Bible HSE 1430
50 Bethlehem Gospel Sing It's In Your Bible HSE 1437
75 Bibletone Gospel Singers Bibletone Gospel Singers BGS 375 ...of Boston, MA
100 Bibletones You Know My Heart Gospel MG-3018
75 Bibleway Church Let The Church Roll On King 736
75 Bibleway Radio Choir Get On Board Savoy MG-14361
100 Bibleway Radio Choir Stay With God Sayoy ??
50 Big John & The Golden... Ride Away To Heaven Savoy MG-14091 ...Echoes
200 Big Milton & Sons Of... Sure Thing Designer LP 7150 ...The South
300 Big Nick & The Gospel... 2000 Lbs Of "Give It Up" Sher-Mar 18 ...Heavyweights
75 Birds Of Harmony Jesus Is A Friend Gospel MG-3033
50 Blendwrights Let Down The Ladder Savoy MG-14070
50 Blendwrights Over The Sunset Mountain Savoy MG-14092
50 Boggs, Prof. Harold Lord Give Me Strength Nashboro LP 7032
50 Boggs, Prof. Harold I Believe Nashboro LP 7044
50 Boggs, Prof. Harold Just The Two Of Us Nashboro LP 7076
75 Bonnett Harmonizers Storm Is Passing Over Gospel MG-3065
75 Bradford, Alex Walking With The King Gospel MG-3006
50 Bradford, Alex I Found The Answer Gospel MG-3097
50 Bradford, Alex I Must Tell Jesus Nashboro LP 7046
75 Bradford, Alex I'm Going To Work Till The... Regent MG-6111 ...Day Is Done
75 Bradford, Alex I Found The Answer Regent MG-6117
75 Bradford, Alex Too Close To Heaven Specialty SP 2108
50 Bradford, Alex One Step Vee Jay LP 5023
50 Bradley Singers He'll Roll Back Those Dark... Savoy MG-14095 ...Clouds
75 Brooklyn AllStars Jesus Loves Me Nashboro LP 7043
50 Brooklyn AllStars The Exciting Nashboro LP 7064
50 Brooklyn AllStars Sing Unto The Lord Nashboro LP 7073
50 Brooklyn All-Stars Too Close To Heaven Nashboro LP 7114
50 Brother Rodney Scripture In Song Constellation SS 104 Book V
50 Brother William & Saints Here I Am Miracle Center WT-LP 27
150 Brother William & Saints Hold Your Head Up High Su-Ann SA-1762
Brothers Eight Pass It On RPC
50 Brown, Eloise Hymns Of The Gospel Nashboro LP 7018
250 Brown, Robert & Politos I Found The Way JoAnn AR 6851
75 Brown, Tommy Singers I'm A Pilgrim Gospel MG-3014
50 Butler, Lamont It's Time For A Change Blessed 721
75 C.S.J.C. Gospel Singers Like A Tree HSE 1554
75 Capitol City Stars We've Come This Far By... Tru-Sound TRU 60003 ...Faith
75 Caravans The Caravans Gospel MG-3005
75 Caravans Blessed Assurance Gospel MG-3007
75 Caravans Famous Caravans Sing Gospel MG-3008
75 Caravans Anniversary Program Gospel MG-3009
75 Caravans The Caravans Gospel MG-3010
75 Caravans I Won't Be Back Gospel MG-3016
50 Caravans I Find No Fault In God Gospel MG-3041
50 Caravans Choose Ye This Day Gospel MG-3049
50 Caravans Sing Unto The Lord Gospel MG-3056
50 Caravans Help Is On The Way Gospel MG-3064
100 Caravans If You Ever Need the Lord Gospel MG-3071
50 Caravans Where He Leads Me Gospel MG-3080
50 Caravans The Original Gospel MG-3092
50 Caravans Old Time Religion Gospel MG-3103
100 Caravans Old Time Religion Sharp MG-2000
50 Caravans Seek Ye The Lord Vee Jay LP 5026
50 Caravans The Soul Of The Caravans Vee Jay LP 5038
100 Caravans / Staple Singers A Gospel Program Gospel MG-3001
100 Carolina Kings Hold On To His Hand MRC MRLP1099
75 Carolina Kings The Prize Is At The End MRC MRLP2082
250 Carpenter, Timothy &... Sweeter Praise ?? ...Trinity
50 Chariettes In Touch (With God) True Joy LP 127
50 Chariot Wheels Of Baltimore, MD Gospel MG-3057
50 Chariot Wheels Of Baltimore, MD Gospel MG-3077
75 Cheeks, Rev. Julius One Of These Days Su-Ann SA-1754
150 Chimes Of Canaan I'll Be Alright HSE 1476
100 Chosen Ones Everything Is In God's Hands ?? ??
75 Christian Tabernacle... I Believe God Gospel MG-3021 ...Choir
100 Christianaires Gospel Time Gospel MG-3000
100 Christland Singers He's Mine Checker LP 10004
50 Church Of God & Saints Songs Of Zion King 898
150 Clark Sisters Unworthy Sound Of... 75 ...Gospel
100 Clark Sisters He Gave Me Nothing To Lose Sound Of... ...Gospel
250 Clark Sisters Mattie Moss Clark Presents Bilesse 356
75 Clark Sisters New Dimensions Of... Sound Of Gosp 85 ...Christmas Carols
50 Clark, Mattie Moss & The Eclesiastic Sounds Savoy MG-14232
50 Clark, Mattie Moss Celestial Sounds Savoy MG-14249
100 Clark, Mattie Moss Christ Won't Fail Sound Of... SOG-137 ...Gospel
50 Clark, Mattie Moss Go Tell It - Live WFL ??
75 Clay, Clarence / Scott... Blues Of Bluesville BV 1066 ...William
150 Clefs Of Calvary Baptized Tru-Sound 60001
75 Clefs Of Calvary God's Light Prestige GSP60007 (Tru-Sound)
100 Cleveland Golden Echos 30 Pieces Of Silver Bounty ??
50 Cleveland, James Out On A Hill Savoy MG-14045
50 Cleveland, James With The Gospel Chimes Savoy MG-14052
50 Cleveland, James With... This Sunday In Person Savoy MG-14059 ...The Angelic Choir
50 Cleveland, James With... Volume 2 Savoy MG-14063 ...The Angelic Choir
75 Coates, Dorothy Love Till My Change Comes Nashboro LP 7065
150 Coates, Dorothy Love The Separation Line Nashboro LP 7071
75 Coates, Dorothy Love Gospel Harmonettes Okeh OK 14125 OKS14125
50 Coates, Dorothy Love The Sound Of Gospel Prestige 760619 different "Prestige"
50 Collier, Mitty Hold The Light Gospel Roots GR 5020
75 Collier, Mitty I Am Love Now Sound 8214827
100 Collier, Mitty The Warning III Am Rec. 1022
200 Collins, Lula Yester-day Hub City AKA "Lula Colling"
250 Collins, Lula The Delta Gospel Queen HSE 1502
50 Colmanaires Haven Of Rest Gospel MG-3067
75 Consolers Singing Gospel Songs Nashboro LP 7004
50 Consolers Heart Warming Spirituals Nashboro LP 7016
50 Consolers Joy In The Morning Nashboro LP 7019
50 Consolers Sweet Memories Nashboro LP 7024
50 Consolers Songs Of Inspiration Nashboro LP 7029
50 Consolers Soul Of The Consolers Nashboro LP 7037
50 Consolers Best Of Nashboro LP 7048
75 Cooke, Edna Gallmon He'll Fix It Nashboro LP 7002
50 Cooke, Edna Gallmon Stop Gambler Nashboro LP 7009
50 Cooke, Edna Gallmon Songs My Mother Sang Nashboro LP 7013
50 Cooke, Edna Gallmon Songs Of Comfort Nashboro LP 7020
50 Cooke, Edna Gallmon Living Gospel Songs Nashboro LP 7025
50 Cooke, Edna Gallmon Memorial Album Nashboro LP 7049
50 Corder Family Satisfied With Jesus HSE 1460
75 Corinthian Gospel Singers A City Called Heaven Sharp LP-2011
50 Cotton Brothers Revealing Book Of Life Songbird SBLP 218
50 Cotton Brothers Try Me One More Time Blue Top BT 1001
50 Craig, Rev. & His... Heaven Gospel MG-3020 ...Tabernacle Chorale
50 Crawford, Rev. Willie &... Let It Shine HSE 1777 ...Echoes Of Glory
75 Cross Jordan Singers Stand Up HOB 249
75 Cross Jordan Singers Who Will Wake Me In The... Revelation 5003 ...Morning
50 Crown Seekers Let's Get Serious Royal Shield 107
50 Crum, Rev. H.B. With... God I Serve Sharp LP-2010 ...The Golden Keys
50 Cummings, Benny, & The In Times Like These Creed LP 3071 ..King's Temple Choir
75 Cummings, Benny, & The The Gospel According To Creed LP 3109 ..King's Temple Choir
150 Cummings, Prof. Benny.. God's Music Is My Life Ambassador ARC-207 ..King's Temple Choir
100 Daniels, The Sing The Gospel Apollo LP 483
100 Davis Sisters The Famous Davis Sisters Savoy MG-14000
75 Davis Sisters Shine On Me Savoy MG-14007
75 Davis Sisters He That Believeth Savoy MG-14014
75 Davis Sisters Plant My Feet On Higher... Savoy MG-14030 ...Ground
75 Davis Sisters Jesus Gave Me Water Savoy MG-14036
75 Davis Sisters Famous Davis Sisters Savoy MG-14051
75 Davis Sisters Just Over The Horizon Savoy MG-14060
75 Davis Sisters Somewhere In Glory Savoy MG-14061
75 Davis Sisters On The Right Road Savoy MG-14072
50 Davis Sisters In My Room Savoy MG-14183
50 Davis Sisters Famous Davis Sisters Savoy MG-14199
50 Davis, J.K. & Humble... Banks Of The River HSE 1443 ...Spiritualettes
50 Davis, Prof. James & The Dobbs Singers King 798
100 Daytonians Let Jesus Work It Out Church Door CD 1005 black or green cover
200 Deep South Singers Deep South Singers Woodrich 105
100 Deliverance Ensemble In The Twinkling Of An Eye Gospel World GW 77783
50 Delta Rhythm Boys Swingin' Spirituals Coral CRL 57358
50 Delta Rhythm Boys In Sweden Jubilee 1022
75 Detroit Motor City Singers Lift Thy Saviour Up J&E LP 5003
50 Dixie Hummingbirds Scripture In Song Constellation SS 100 Book I
75 Dixie Hummingbirds A Christian Testimonial Peacock PLP 100
200 Dixie Hummingbirds In The Morning Peacock PLP 108 red wax
50 Dixie Hummingbirds In The Morning Peacock PLP 108
50 Dixie Hummingbirds Prayer For Peace Peacock PLP 115
50 Dixie Hummingbirds Every Day & Every Hour Peacock PLP 127
100 Dodson, Tommy Follow Me Dodson DR 6101
75 Dorsey, Willa & Mighty Faith Increasers King 806
75 Drayton Gospel Singers Come Up To Mt. Zion Gospel MG-3042
75 Drinkard Singers Yield Not To Temptation Choice MG-508
75 Drinkard Singers Joy Unspeakable Choice ??
50 Duncanaires One Step Closer Battle 6127
50 Dynamic Soul Superiors.. Follow Me Savoy MG-14488 ...Of Detroit, MI
50 Dynamic Travelaires Of... There Will Be Peace Champ LP-1944 ...Buffalo, N.Y.
75 Dynamic Travelaires Of... Second Time Around Champ LP-1965 ...Buffalo N.Y.
50 East St. Louis... Shout For Joy Checker LPS 10062 ...Gospelettes
100 Echoes Of Glory The Love Of God Designer LP 7108
50 Echoes Of Harmony You've Got To Live The Life Savoy MG-14280
100 Echos Of Harmony Joy In Sadness Echos (no #)
50 Ecstatistics Time Won't Wait Caravan 4
75 Ecstatistics God's Love Caravan ??
75 Elite Jubilee Singers Lord Have Mercy Regent MG-6107
50 Ellison Family Live At Brown's Creek Carrie 1988
75 Ellison Singers He's Holding Me Sharp LP-2014
1200 Enlightenment Faith Is The Key New Release
75 Epps Gospel Singers Just Try Jesus Savoy MG-14112
75 Epps Gospel Singers For You I Am Praying Savoy MG-14148
100 Exciting Highlights, The Jesus Is My Friend Su-Ann SA 1755
50 Fab. Luckett Brothers Jesus Is Real HSE ??
75 Fab. Luckett Brothers Judgement Day HSE 1496
100 Fab. Luckett Brothers Standing Around The Ladder HSE 1514
100 Fabulous Goldentones Take Care Of Me HSE 1483
50 Fabulous Tapps Core City Communion Tribute GL-1501
50 Fairfield Four The Famous Athens LP 100
75 Fairfield Four Angels Watching Over Me Nashboro 7045
150 Fairfield Four Bells Are Tolling Old Town 103
75 Faithful Gospel Singers Try Jesus Champ LP-2003
300 Famous (The Flying... L.Renfro "Children" Clip-so ?? .Sweet Angel Of Joy)
50 Famous Pearly Gates Don't Let The Devil Ride United Gospel 117-13-A
100 Famous Singing-Aires Give Jesus Your Best Punch HSE 1519
75 Fantastic Clouds Of... Been Lied On Champ LP-1905 ...Harmony
50 Fireside Gospel Singers It's Getting Late Zion Z 100
75 Five Blind Boys Of AL God's Promise Gospel MG-3013
75 Five Blind Boys Of AL Original Blind Boys Of AL. Savoy MG-14044
50 Five Blind Boys Of AL You'll Never Walk Alone Vee Jay LP-5029
50 Five Blind Boys Of MS. Father, I Stretch My Hand Peacock PLP 113
125 Five Blind Boys Of MS. I'll Go Checker LP 10003
75 Five Blind Boys Of MS. Precious Memories Peacock PLP 102
200 Five Blind Boys Of MS. The Original Vee Jay LP-5004 maroon label
75 Five Blind Boys Of MS. The Original Vee Jay LP-5004 oval logo
75 Five Singing Angels Narrow Path Su-Ann SA-1752
75 Five Stars Of Balt., MD I'm Looking For Jesus Gospel MG-3102
250 Flint Cavaliers Take It To The House Su-Ann 1768
75 Florida Spiritualaires Bye & Bye HSE 1411
200 Florida Spiritualaires Where Have The... HSE ?? ...Missionaries Gone
75 Flying Clouds The Sermon On The Mount Savoy MG-14144
50 Flying Clouds Since I Laid My Burdens... Savoy MG-14219 ...Down
75 Flying Clouds Of S.C. This Is It, Soul Gospel HSE 1407
50 Flying Eagles I Know A Man One Way 76
50 Fold, Charles & The... I'm Going To Make It Gospel MG-3045 ..Gospel Messengers
75 Ford, Esther I Will Go Gospel MG-3023
50 Ford, Esther Profile Of A Great Lady Nashboro LP 7056
200 Four Internes Spirituals Vol. 3 King 574 hands cover
75 Four Internes The Four Internes King 945
50 Four Internes Count Your Many Blessings King G3 / 1128
75 Freeman, Arthur My Jesus Joy ??
75 Friendly Brothers If You Are Naked, Put On... Designer LP 7147 ...Some Clothes
50 Friendly Gospel Singers All Aboard HLF LP 32579
75 Friendly Gospel Singers... Friendly Gospel Singers HLF ?? ...of Chicago, IL
75 Gable-aires I'm Saved & I Know It Battle 6141
75 Galatian Singers 18 Spirituals King 788
50 Galatian Singers Spiritual Christmas Songs King 803
50 Galatian Singers Galatian Singers King 940
50 Galileans The Gospel Truth Dauntless DS 6310
150 Gardner, Ray & The Only God Can Save Us Alacala (none)
50 Gate City Singers Peace In The Valley Tru-Sound TRU 60002
100 Gate City Singers &... Prayer Is The Key Gospel MG-3004 ...Evangelist Soul
50 Gay Sisters God Will Take Care Of You Savoy MG-14021
75 Gill Singers God's Love For Me Champ LP-1916
100 Glass, Dorothy New Creature Champ LP-1757
75 Golden Crowns Have You Got Oil In Your... Savoy MG-14123 ...Vessel
75 Golden Harps Stand Up For Jesus Checker LP 10012
50 Golden Swan Gospel... Golden Swan Gospel Singer Champ LP-2024 ...Singers
50 Golden Trumpeteers 31st Homecoming Davis ??
100 Golden-Aires Prayer Su-Ann SA 1781
50 Golden-Aires Going From City To City R&R 78-1
100 Golden-Aires I've Come A Long Way Champ LP-1746
150 Gordy, Loucye Wakefield Scholarship Sterling Ball 1 promo
75 Gospel All Stars I Love The Lord Gospel MG-3074
75 Gospel All Stars Gospel All Stars Sphere Sound 1004
100 Gospel Cavaliers This Is The Moment Sharp LP-2019
50 Gospel Chimes Father, I Stretch My Hand Savoy MG-14055
50 Gospel Chimes Learn How To Wait Savoy MG-14067
50 Gospel Chimes We Serve A Merciful God Savoy MG-14098
75 Gospel Clefs The Gospel Clefs Savoy MG-14023
50 Gospel Clefs Anniversary Savoy MG-14035
50 Gospel Clefs The Gospel Clefs Savoy MG-14053
50 Gospel Clefs The Precious Name Savoy MG-14108
75 Gospel Clouds Jesus Will Su-Ann SA-1766
75 Gospel Clouds Of Joy He's Holding My Hand HSE 1573
75 Gospel Clouds Of Joy Favorite Gospels Nashboro LP 7023
150 Gospel Clouds Of Joy Gospel Clouds Of Joy Big J ??
75 Gospel Comforters Noah's Ark Champ LP-1908
100 Gospel Comforters Father Forgive Them Champ LP-1926
100 Gospel Commanders Further On Down The Road HSE 1564
75 Gospel Commanders Of.. On My Journey Now Su-Ann SA-1773 ...Elbeton, GA
150 Gospel Creators Wade In The Water Creator's Key CO 6619
150 Gospel Crusaders Power In The Blood Champ CH-1764
100 Gospel Crusaders I'm Trying To Get Ready HSE 1463
50 Gospel Crusaders Child's Prayer Champ LP-1918
50 Gospel Crusaders Search Heaven Over Crusaders ??
50 Gospel Crusaders Jesus My Leader Pinewood (no #) ...Of Tarboro, N.C.
150 Gospel Dynamics I'm Going On Skyland 1715
75 Gospel Emeralds Blest Is He That Cometh Sharp LP-2018
50 Gospel Emeralds Singing The Gospel Coral CRL 57454
75 Gospel Entertainers He's Blessing Me Champ ??
50 Gospel Exciters My Hope Is Built Athens 1001
50 Gospel Explosions Jesus Is The Answer ESP 1001
50 Gospel Explosions Jesus Is The Answer Gospel Devotio 10575 same LP as above
50 Gospel Four Life Must Go On Messenger MLP-2007
50 Gospel Harmonettes God's Goodness Famous F 503
50 Gospel Harmonettes A Gospel Concert Savoy MG-14037
50 Gospel Harmonettes The Original Gospel... Savoy MG-14050 ...Harmonettes
50 Gospel Harmonettes My Father's Children Savoy MG-14062
75 Gospel Harmonettes He's Calling Me Specialty SP 2107
50 Gospel Harmonettes Camp Meeting Vee Jay LP 5042
50 Gospel Harmonettes The Soul Of Vee Jay LP 5064
50 Gospel Hummingbirds Route 66 To Heaven Wind Earth LPS 13
50 Gospel Hummingbirds Signs Of Revelations Wind Earth WE 447
50 Gospel Hummingbirds Signs Of Revelations W&E 447
150 Gospel I.Q.s Troubles Of This World Su-Ann SA-1745
50 Gospel Jubilees Long Way To Heaven HSE 1462
50 Gospel Keynotes Just One More Time Nashboro LP 7063
50 Gospel Keynotes Destiny Nashboro LP 7159
50 Gospel Lords Of... If God Gave Us Everything Savoy MG-14111 ...Harmony
50 Gospel Lords Of... God's Love Will Never Die Savoy MG-14129 ...Harmony
50 Gospel Lyrics I Must Tell Jesus HSE 1568
100 Gospel Messengers His Love Sharp MG-2017
50 Gospel Miracles Down Through The Years T-Jaye 1714
50 Gospel Miracles Lord Has Been Good To Me T-Jaye 1985
100 Gospel Redeemers The Lord Is The Master Regent MG-6110
100 Gospel Redeemers Judgement Day Regent MG-6116
75 Gospel Seekers Gospel Train Church Door ?? also on Shurfire
75 Gospel Seekers Somebody Bigger Than You. Spiritual MLP 208 ...& Me
150 Gospel Sensations God Is Love Champ LP-1974
75 Gospel Sensations One Day After Awhile HSE 1571
150 Gospel Serenaders Old Ship Of Zion Champ LP-1772
100 Gospel Serenaders Of... Try Jesus Atlanta Int. 10038 ...Florence, S.C.
150 Gospel Seven When I See Jesus Champ LP-1909
100 Gospel Song Birds Tell Heaven Gospel Expres 2 / 21 / 1976
75 Gospel Soulettes Something Within Me Virtue 3983
50 Gospel Soulettes Jesus Is My Savior Rising Star ??
50 Gospel Soulettes Of... Somebody Touched Me Virtue 61874 ...Philadelphia
100 Gospel Starlites... Why Champ LP-2011 ...Of Louisville, KY
500 Gospel Stars The Great Tamla TM-222
50 Gospel Trotters Gospel Trotters Blue Boy LP 4401
75 Gospel Troubadours The Gospel Troubadours Gospel MG-3087
50 Gospel Unlimited Unlimited Gospel Unique ??
75 Gospel Versatiles You've Got To Pray Gospel MG-3069
75 Gospel Wonders As Long As I've Got Jesus Gospel MG-3039
75 Gospel Wonders Hold On He's Coming Gospel MG-3052
50 Gospelaires Just Faith Peacock PLP 103
50 Gospelaires Camp Meeting Peacock PLP 106
50 Gospelaires Bones In The Valley Peacock PLP 111
50 Gospelettes Do You Believe King 1070
50 Great Carolina Crusaders I Believe Hue ??
50 Greater Harvest Baptist... Greater Harvest Baptist... Sharp LP-2016 ...Church Choir
200 Green, Raphael Mystery Love (none) (none)
50 Griffin, Bessie Gospel Soul Of Savoy MG-14233
50 Harmonaires Spirituals King 105-35 (10")
50 Harmonizing Five My Testimony HSE 1423
75 Harmonizing Five Death's Gonna Walk Your... HSE 1445 ...Street
75 Harmonizing Five Hands Of The Lord Sharp MG-2009
50 Harmonizing Four Scripture In Song Constellation SS 101 Book II
150 Harmonizing Four The Harmonizing Four Vee Jay LP 5002 maroon label
50 Harmonizing Four The Harmonizing Four Vee Jay LP 5002 oval logo
50 Harmonizing Four God Will Take Care Of You Vee Jay LP 5009
50 Harmonizing Four Golden Bells Vee Jay LP 5025
50 Harmonizing Four Nearer My God To Thee Vee Jay LP 5039
50 Harmonizing Four ?? Vee Jay LP 5043
100 Harmony Stars Time Su-Ann ??
50 Harrell Singers There's A Land Hob 5259
75 Harrison Gospel Singers Jesus Will Fix It HSE 1436
50 Harrison Gospel Singers Walking With Jesus HSE 1451
75 Harrison Gospel Singers I Found The Lord HSE 1455
50 Heavenly Five Of... Here Am I Randys 1011 ...Anderson, IN
100 Heavenly Gates Blow Gabriel Gospel MG-3066
50 Heavenly Tones I Love The Lord Gospel MG-3050
50 Herndon, James I Need Help Savoy MG-14198
50 Herndon, James No Coward Soldier Savoy MG-14209
50 Herndon, James The Lord Will Make A Way Savoy MG-14228
75 Hightower Brothers I Need You Lord Nashboro LP 7011
200 Highway QC's The Highway QC's Vee Jay LP 5005 maroon label
75 Highway QC's The Highway QC's Vee Jay LP 5005 oval logo
75 Highway QC's Jesus Is Waiting Vee Jay LP 5007
50 Highway QC's Oh Lord I Pray Vee Jay LP 5020
75 Hobson Family Narrow Is The Way Woodrich CCG11783
50 Hobson Family Hand Of God HSE 1506
100 Hobson Family Narrow Is The Way Woodrich 35648
50 Holy Disciples Of... My Soul Needs Resting Abec 7007 ...Chicago, IL
75 Holy Lights I've Had It Hard Savoy MG-14435
100 Hooper, David Believe In Me Da Cloud 2160
200 Imperial Gospel Singers The Sower Gospel MG-3015
150 Imperial Gospel Singers Stay In His Will Gospel MG-3025
100 Imperial Gospel Singers Lord Will See You Through Gospel MG-3032
100 Imperial Gospel Singers Let Us Sing Together Gospel MG-3046
150 Imperial Gospel Singers Gospel Songs Savoy MG-14028
100 Imperial Gospel Singers Fountain Of Blood Savoy MG-14048
100 Indiana Travelers I Won't Let My Saviour Down One Way 39
50 Indiana Travelers Anywhere In Glory Lamp LAG 8001
50 Ingram Kingdom Funk Is In Our Music Excello 8031
50 Ingram, Maggie America's Favorite Nashboro LP 7051
50 Jackson Brothers This Train ?? ??
50 Jackson Southernaires Too Late Songbird SBLP 212
50 Jackson, Bro. Benny &... Save Me Lord HSE 1566
50 Jackson, Mahalia Command Performance 1 Apollo ALP 1001
50 Jackson, Mahalia Command Performance 2 Apollo ALP 1002
100 Jackson, Mahalia Queen Of The Gospel #1 Apollo LP 201 (10" LP)
100 Jackson, Mahalia Queen Of The Gospel #2 Apollo LP 202 (10" LP)
50 Jackson, Mahalia In The Upper Room Apollo LP 474 picture cover
50 Jackson, Mahalia Just As I Am Apollo LP 479
50 Jackson, Mahalia No Matter How You Pray Apollo LP 482
50 Jackson, Mahalia Mahalia Apollo LP 486
75 Jackson, Mahalia Christmas With Apollo ALP 499
75 Jackson, Myrtle Myrtle Jackson Savoy MG-14074
75 Jackson, Troy & The... What The World Needs Champ LP-2172 ...Jacksonettes
50 Jacksonians Gain The World Gospel MG-3096
50 Jenkins, Sally Singers Help Me To Run This Race Sharp MG-2015
75 Jewel Gospel Singers The Harvest Savoy MG-14086
50 Jewel Gospel Singers Let's Have Church Savoy MG-14110
50 Jewel Gospel Singers I Know The Lord Savoy MG-14161
150 Johnson, Bonnye Bonnye Johnson Exodus ??
150 Johnson, Otis G. Receive The Power Holy Spirit 1642
100 Jones, Carroll Singers We Should Work Together Gospel MG-3105
100 Jones, Jimmy & The Sensationals Savoy MG-14057
50 Jones, Rev. Johnny L. Jesus Is In Town Jewel LP-0031
100 Jordan Gospel Singers The Family Reunion Gospel Rec.Co ??
50 Jordan, T.J. & The Mighty. Great Things Champ LP-1966 ...Allstars
300 Joy The Time Is Right Son Shine (none)
50 Jubilee Hummingbirds Roots Of Your Soul Messenger MLP 2005
50 Jubilee Singers We Are In Church Peacock PLP-133
100 Kansas City Clouds Of... Standing On The Right Side (none) 101 ...Joy
75 Kansas City Clouds Of... Come On In The Church Chapman CR-1134 ...Joy
75 Kelly Brothers I Still Remember Creed LP 3015
150 Kelly Brothers The Good Book King 810
600 King James Version First Time We Met ABC Peacock 59203
150 Kings Of Harmony I've Had My Chance Champ LP 1931
75 Kings Of Harmony The Kings Of Harmony HLF LP 2300
50 Kyok Koral-Aires Songs Of Checker LP 10006
100 Lathanettes Letting The Master Have... Boola-Boola LSP-715 ...His Way
50 Lemon, Howard Singers I Am Determined Gospel Truth ??
50 Lemon, Howard Singers.. Seasons Gospel Roots LP 5011 ...Of Detroit, MI
50 Lemon, Lucylle Shield Me Oh Lord Gospel MG-3079
50 Linen Sisters I've Been Changed Su-Ann SA-1749
50 Liz & The Gospelettes I Must Tell Jesus Gospel MG-3048
50 Lockhart, Willie & New... Jesus Is A Rock Richburg 143 ..Brunswick All Stars
50 Loftonaires Rock My Soul Battle 6104
50 Loftonaires Higher Ground Battle 6107
50 Lords Of Harmony Grant Me This Day Savoy MG-14158
50 Love Of God Gospel... Waiting For The King Lark ?? ...Singers
50 Loving Sisters Trying Time Peacock PLP-125
75 Lucas, Robert & Christian He's A Soldier Regent MG-6118 ...Temple Choir
50 Manigault Special Lord Don't Let Me Fail Champ LP-1945
500 Mann, Rev. Columbus They Shall Be Mine Tamla TM 227
200 Mann, Rev. Columbus He Satisfies Me Wingate WG-701
50 Martin, Roberta The Original Apollo LP 480
50 Martin, Roberta Prayer Apollo LP 487
50 Martin, Roberta Roberta Martin Singers Savoy MG-14008
50 Martin, Roberta Grace Savoy MG-14022
50 Martin, Roberta God Is Still On The Throne Savoy MG-14031
50 Martin, Roberta Try Jesus Savoy MG-14039
50 Martin, Roberta Since I Met Him Savoy MG-14043
50 Martin, Roberta It Was The Blood Savoy MG-14054
50 Martin, Roberta From Out Of Nowhere Savoy MG-14066
50 Martin, Sally Singers Precious Lord Vee Jay LP 5021
50 Master Controlled A Secret Place Black Label 3001
200 Master Keys, The In Concert Styletone ??
75 May, Brother Joe Master's On Our Side Nashboro LP 7001
50 May, Brother Joe Walk On & Talk On Nashboro LP 7010
50 May, Brother Joe Songs Of The Gospel Nashboro LP 7017
50 May, Brother Joe My Own Fault Nashboro LP 7031
50 May, Brother Joe That's Enough Nashboro LP 7039
50 May, Brother Joe I've Been Dipped In Water Nashboro LP 7057
150 Mays, Percy Shine Your Love Emmaus Road ??
75 Meditation Singers Don't You Want To Go? Checker LP-10019 LPS-10019
50 Meditation Singers I Feel It Checker LP-10029 LPS-10029
50 Meditation Singers The Bad Apple Checker LP-10044 LPS-10044
75 Meditation Singers Sanctified Lord Gospel MG-3024
75 Meditation Singers God's Going To Trouble... Gospel MG-3028 ...The Waters
75 Meditation Singers I'm Holding On Gospel MG-3038
75 Memphis Harmonizers On The Battlefield Gospel Expres 12-1682
200 Memphis Singing... The Best Of Champ LP-1751 ...Southern Echoes
250 Metro-Tones Inc. Get Together Savoy MG-14324
50 Michigan Nightingales Together Again Champ LP-1907
100 Michigan Nightingales This Little Light Of Mine Champ ??
300 Michigan Soul Searchers Train To Glory Champ LP-2106
75 Middlebrook, Dorothy Daughter & Sons Designer LP 7140
75 Mighty Ambassadors The Best Of Champ LP-1964
50 Mighty Blazing Stars Finally Got Ourselves... Gospel Way 1006 ...Together
50 Mighty Clouds Of Joy Family Circle Peacock PLP 114
50 Mighty Clouds Of Joy A Bright Side Peacock PLP 121
50 Mighty Clouds Of Joy Live At The Music Hall Peacock PLP 134
50 Mighty Clouds Of Joy The Untouchables Peacock PLP 151
50 Mighty Clouds Of Joy Live At The Apollo Peacock PLP 173
50 Mighty Clouds Of Joy Let's Have Church Proverb 100
50 Mighty Evangelist Gospel Mighty Evangelist Gospel ASL ?? ...Singers
75 Mighty Faith Increasers Festival Of Spirituals King 814
50 Mighty Golden Bells Rest Awhile Champ LP-1992
50 Mighty Gospel Giants Heavenly Father Savoy MG-14101
200 Mighty Gospel Miracles Sing So God Can Use You Champ LP-1933
150 Mighty Gospel Supremes Good Foot Root RR 510
150 Mighty Progressive Souls Mighty Progressive Souls Cuca KS-2120
150 Mighty Revelaires Try Him For Yourself Pitch PLP-1005
125 Mighty Sons Of God Our Testimony Rochelle RLP 1001
75 Mighty Southern Wonders Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow Ezekiel
50 Mighty Stars Of Harmony Snatch A-Loose From The... QSR 278 ...Devil
75 Mighty Superior... Tell The World Champ LP-9102 ...Quartette (#1902)
100 Mighty Tenernears Still Believe In Love Champ LP-1760
75 Mighty Trumpetairs Lord I'm Depending On You Private Prod. 2658
200 Mighty Unknowns Of... Send Down Your Love Su-Ann 1778 ...Hodges S.C.
75 Mighty Wings Somebody's Talking Gospel Time LP 00101
75 Mighty Wonders Let's Go Home Commandment 1515
100 Mighty Wonders Love Lifted Me ?? ??
50 Mighty Wonders Swing Low Randys RS 1021
100 Mississippi Nightingales Turn On For Jesus HSE 1475
100 Mississippi Nightingales A Message To Jesus HSE 1492
300 Moore, James Jesus Use Me Yosiah ??
50 Moore, James God Can Do Anything Secret SR 2301
50 Morganfield, Willie Gospel Favorites Jewel LP 0002
50 Morning Echoes Of... Echoes Of The Gospel Nashboro LP 7036 ...Detroit
75 Morning Stars The Morning Stars Checker LP 10007
50 Morning Stars The Adopted Child Savoy MG-14152
50 Morning Stars This Train Savoy MG-14174
50 Morning Stars I've Been Blessed Savoy MG-14518
50 Moss, Bill & Celestials Make A Joyful Noise Savoy MG-14133
50 Moss, Bill & Celestials My Child Came Home Savoy MG-14162
50 Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Praises In Memory Gospel MG-3070
75 Murrell, Anna Singers The Lighthouse Gospel MG-3031
75 Murrie Singers Jewels Sharp MG-2012
125 National Independent... Thank You Lord Sue LP 3001 ...Gospel Singers
50 Neopolitan Spiritual... He's There Savoy MG-14142 ...Church Choir
50 New Songbirds Without God Kris 8112
75 Newbury Singers When He Descends Gospel MG-3019
150 Nick & The Gospel... Give It Up Sher-Mar 18 ...Heavyweights
50 Norfleet Brothers Shadrach Checker LP 1008
75 Norfleet Brothers What A Friend Nation (no #)
75 Norfleet Brothers The Little Wooden Church Siest Stars 111418
50 Norfleet Brothers Through It All Nation 5765
50 Norman Brothers All Of My Hard Times HSE 1523
75 North Philadelphia... In The Building Sharp MG-2013 ...Juniors
50 Norwood, Dorothy Johnny & Jesus Savoy MG-14083
50 Norwood, Dorothy Dorothy Norwood Singers Savoy MG-14169
50 Nubin, Katie Bell Soul, Soul Searching Verve MG 63004
50 Original Church Of God... My Soul Is Anchored Gospel MG-3037 ...In Christ
50 Original Church Of God... Have You Been Washed Gospel MG-3043 ...In Christ
50 Original Church Of God... Blessed & Brought Up Gospel MG-3058 ...In Christ
50 Original Truetone Singers. Lord Keep Me Day By Day Champ LP-1704 ...Of Andrews, S.C.
150 Orr, Michael Love Will Rise Birthright BRS-4029
50 Parker Brothers Choir Parker Brothers Choir King 760
50 Patterson Singers Gospel Songs King 763
50 Patterson Singers My Prayer Vee Jay LP 5017
50 Pee Wee & Palmsters Trusting In The Lord HSE 1524
50 Pee Wee & Palmsters Lord I'm So Thankful Nu Kings ??
75 Penn. State Choir Penn. State Choir Gospel MG-3034
75 Peoples, Johnny Condition Of The World HSE 1472
50 Pilgrim Jubilee Singers Walk On Peacock PLP-105
50 Pilgrim Jubilee Singers Old Ship Of Zion Peacock PLP-117
75 Pilgrim Travelers Look Up Andex A 5001
50 Pilgrim Travelers Featuring Lou Rawls Capitol T 1768
50 Pilgrim Travelers Travelin' Along Famous F 513
50 Pilgrim Travelers Peace In The Valley Proverb PR-LP-502
125 Pilgrim Wonders He Never Left Me Alone Su-Ann 1763
50 Pilgrims Of Joy Prayer HSE 1405
75 Piney Grove Singers Of... Jesus Is The One Champ LP-1931 ...Milledgeville, GA
250 Pringle, Keith Perfect Peace Onyx Int. 3784
100 Prodigal Sons Any How Richburg 128
50 Prodigal Sons No Sunshine In A Storm Richbourg 132
50 Prodigal Sons Stand Still Richburg 161
150 Progressive Souls Don't Sell Out Cuca / Psalms LP 2120
150 Prophecy Take It To The Streets Inner Light IL 1002
50 Psalmeneers Trouble In The Land Gospel MG-3083
50 Psalmaneers Every Prayer Will Find It's... Gospel MG-3093 ...Answer
50 Psalms Of Grace Time Is Winding Up Prestige GSP60007 (Tru-Sound)
75 Pure Heart Travelers Lord Will Make A Way Su-Ann SA-1786
75 Pure Heart Travelers Call The Angels ?? ??
50 Pure Heart Travelers Prayer Is The Key T-Jaye 1924
100 Randolph, Lillian Spiritual Moments Dootone DL 221 red wax
50 Rasberry, Raymond Deliverance Will Come Choice MG-506
125 Rasberry, Raymond He Doeth All Things Well Savoy MG-14040
125 Rasberry, Raymond Pray When Everything Goes Savoy MG-14087 ...Wrong
100 Rasberry, Raymond... I Couldn't Find No Satisfactio Savoy MG-14132 ...Singers
100 Richardson, Louise I Believe Su-Ann SA 1775
50 Robinson Brothers Traveling Shoes Gospel Time ??
50 Robinson, Eddie You In My Life Ren ??
75 Robinson, Kay We Need Time King KS 1089
50 Robinson, Rev. Cleophus Grace Made Change Battle 6116
50 Robinson, Rev. Cleophus I'm Saved Battle 6142
50 Robinson, Rev. David Life's Railroad Crossing Jewel LP 0001
50 Robinson, Rev.Cleophus You've Got To Love Battle 6124
50 Robinson, Rev.Cleophus Pray For Me Peacock PLP-107
50 Robinson, Rev.Cleophus Remember Me Peacock PLP-120
50 Robinson, Rev.Cleophus God's Sons & Daughters Peacock PLP-126
50 Robinson, Rev.Cleophus Unfolding Book Of Life Peacock PLP-128
50 Robinson, Rev.Cleophus We Shall Gain The Victory Savoy MG-14100
50 Robinson, Roscoe Time To Live Gospel Roots GR 5007
300 Rogers, D.J. Hope Songs Vol. 1 ?? ??
75 Rogers, Jonathan Prodigal Son Designer LP 7074
100 Royal Harmonizers Of... Jesus Is Real Mark 2667 ...Montgomery, MD
100 Royal Lights Working On The Good Foot.. Su-Ann SA 1741 ...Of Jesus
50 Royal People Sweeter World Of... ?? ...Gospel
100 Royal Silvertones Jesus I Love Your Name Regent MG-6112
100 Ruth, Brother Thurman Laughs From The Pulpit Sar LPM 502
50 Salem Travelers Give Me Liberty Or Death Checker LPS-10043
50 Salem Travelers Tell It Like It Is Checker LPS-10052
75 Salem Travelers The Soulful Checker LPS-10055
50 Salem Travelers Children Gone Astray Checker LPS-10061
50 Salem Travelers Everything Will Be Alright Checker CK 10078
50 Salem Travelers The Soulful One Way OW 1501
75 Sallie & The Fantastic... Lord Have Mercy Champ LP-1771 ...Davis Sisters
125 Sanders, Carey Gospel Unlimited HSE 1590
50 Sandidge, Rev. O.C. &... The Rich Man HSE 1780 ...Rapture
50 Savettes Mercy Choice MG-512
50 Savettes I Made It Gospel MG-3059
50 Savettes Sensational Gospel MG-3076
50 Savettes Blessed Quietness Phil L.A. LP 4004
250 Scott, Johnny & Gospel. Who Am I Champ LP-1724 ...Stars
100 Selah Singers His Eye Is On The Sparrow Gospel MG-3002
100 Seniors Of Harmony I'm On My Way HSE 1421
50 Sensational Bright Stars Introducing Champ LP-1910
50 Sensational Bright Stars God Is So Able Champ LP-1921
75 Sensational Friendly 4 Back Home HSE 1510
50 Sensational Friendly Four Live So God Can Use You HSE 1525 ...Of Selma, AL
50 Sensational Gospel... Sensational Gospel Travelers Sunday Sound 14 ...Travelers
100 Sensational Gospel... Jesus Is Waiting Lance 103 ...Specials
75 Sensational Gospelaires.. In Times Like These HSE 1500 ...Of Deatsville, AL
75 Sensational Nightingales Songs Of Praise Peacock PLP 101
50 Sensational Nightingales Glory, Glory Peacock PLP 112
50 Sensational Nightingales Teavel On Peacock PLP 118
100 Sensational Pearly Gates Grandmother Taught Us... Gateway 86005 ... To Sing
150 Sensational Six Just Beyond The River Gospel MG-3027
50 Sensational Six Live In N.Y. Abec 7001
50 Sensational Skylarks Tree Of Life ?? ??
75 Sensational Starlight... A Man Needs Jesus HSE 1441 ...Singers
150 Sensational Wonders... Amazing Grace Champ LP-1919 ...Of The Twin Cities
50 Senstional Six Don't Let Our Singing Be... Messenger MLP-2002 ...In Vain
75 Seven Brothers Crying In The Street House Of Fox LP-3
75 Shaw, Brother Cecil I Stretch My Hand To Thee Imperial LP 9143
100 Shepards Of Zion When I Get Home ?? ??
75 Silver Harps Surely God Is Able Champ CH-1987-1
100 Silver Harps I'm Saved J&E LP 5005
50 Silver Trumpets Gospel... Mother's Prayer Rite Records ?? ...Singers
50 Singing Servants The Singing Servants Angelus WR-4616
50 Singing Sons Of He's Alive Gospel Roots LP 5019 ...Washington D.C.
75 Skylarks Good News Nashboro LP 7058
75 Smiling Jubilaires Of... Can't You See Champ LP-1914 ...Ft. Lauderdale, FL
50 Smiling Jubilairs Of... Prayer Champ LP-1961 ...Ft. Lauderdale, FL
75 Smith Sisters Lord Send The Rain Regent MG-6109
75 Smith, James & The... There's Been Great Change HSE 1394 ...Southern Wonders
50 Solid Rock Choir Until We Meet Again Gospel MG-3044
50 Songbirds Of The South Songbirds Of The South Woodrich 9707
200 Sons & Daughters Of Zion Temptation Rise ARI ??
50 Sons Of Calvary That Glory Train Sword & Shield LP 6805
75 Sons Of Glory God Glorifies Okeh OKM 12100
50 Sons Of Truth The Best Of Dee-Jay 29229
50 Sons Of Truth Message From The Ghetto Gospel Truth GTS 2714
150 Soul Converters Just As I Am JAS 1101
75 Soul Liberation Soul Liberation Creative Arts CAS-1002
500 Soul Liberation Who Are You Rainbow Sound 5069
75 Soul Searchers Living Won't Be In Vain Memorial 524
50 Soul Searchers Soul Searchers Musicor MS 3244
50 Soul Searchers Singing The Gospel Musicor MS 3258X
50 Soul Seekers Spirituals Cub 8006
75 Soul Seekers The Soul Seekers Gospel MG-3085
50 Soul Stirrers The Best Of Checker LP-10015
50 Soul Stirrers Resting Easy Checker LP-10021 LPS-10021
50 Soul Stirrers The Gospel Truth Checker LP-10027 LPS-10027
50 Soul Stirrers The Golden Gospel Checker LPS-10038
50 Soul Stirrers The Thrilling Checker LPS-10051
50 Soul Stirrers Soul's In, But Gospel's... Checker LPS-10056 ...Out Of Sight
50 Soul Stirrers The Judgement Checker LPS-10058
50 Soul Stirrers Tribute To Sam Cooke Checker LPS-10063
50 Soul Stirrers J.J. Farley's Original HSE 1493
50 Soul Stirrers He's Alright With Me J&B 16 (Of Jackson, MS)
250 Soul Stirrers Jesus Be A Fence Sar LPM-501
200 Soul Stirrers Encore Sar LPM-504
50 Soul Stirrers The Soul Stirrers Specialty SP 2106
50 Souls Of Solomon Message To Jesus ?? ??
150 Southeast Inspirational... I Hear The Voice Savoy MG-14362 ...Youth Choir
50 Southern Airs Of... Talk To The Man Upstairs ?? ?? ...Palmetto, GA
75 Southern Echoes You Have Been Weighed In.. Gospel MG-3022 ...The Balance
150 Southern Echoes Memphis Singing Best Of Champ LP-1751
100 Southern Faith Singers... Who One Way LP 1000-2 ...Of Chicago, IL
75 Southern Four Got My Religion On Time HSE 1545
100 Southern Four Who Is The Stranger Champ LP-1988
75 Southern Four I Found The Lord Su-Ann SA-1774
50 Southern Four of Detroit.. Got My Religion In Time HSE 1345 ...Michigan
75 Southern Four of Detroit.. I Found The Lord Su-Ann SA-1774 ...Michigan
75 Southern Gate Singers If You Can't Say Something Champ LP-1943
75 Southern Six Lord Guide My Mind Su-Ann SA-1753
150 Southwest Michigan... Wonderful World Savoy MG-14077 ...State Choir
100 Southwest Michigan... Mattie Moss Clark Savoy MG-14099 ...State Choir
75 Southwest Michigan... Salvation Is Free Savoy MG-14120 ...State Choir
50 Southwest Michigan... City Called Heaven Savoy MG-14151 ...State Choir
75 Southwest Michigan... A Closer Walk With Thee Savoy MG-14181 ...State Choir
50 Southwest Michigan... Mattie Moss Clark Savoy MG-14193 ...State Choir
50 Southwest Michigan... Lord Renew My Spirit Within Savoy MG-14203 ...State Choir
75 Southwest Michigan... I'll Take Jesus For Mine Savoy MG-14215 ...State Choir
50 Space Singers Best Of HLF LP 1689
50 Speight Sisters In The Garden HSE 1512
50 Spencer, Gloria Gloria's Views Jay Walking JW-LP-001
200 Spirit Of Memphis Spirituals Vol. 2 King 573 hands cover
200 Spirit Of Memphis Spirituals Vol. 2 King 573 church cover
200 Spirit Of Memphis Spirituals Vol. 6 King 577 hands cover
200 Spirit Of Memphis Spirituals Vol. 6 King 577 trees cover
75 Spirit Of Memphis Spirit Of Memphis Quartet King 942
75 Spirit Of Memphis Spirit Of Memphis Quartet King 954
50 Spirit Of Memphis If I Should Miss Heaven Peacock PLP 109
50 Spirit Of Memphis Legend Of, 40th Anniversary Randy's RS-1025
500 Spirit Of West Point Best Of Designer LP 6967
200 Spiritual Believers People In The World Bounty 7535
50 Spiritual Harmoneers... In Songs Of Praise Nation 4171 ...of Little Rock, AR
75 Spiritual Harmoneers... Crying In The Wilderness S&H PP-76-008 ...of Little Rock, AR
125 Spiritual Harmoneers... I Believe In God S&H PP-76-009 ...of Little Rock, AR
75 Spiritual Starlites... Long Black Limousine ASL ASL-1078 ...Of Atlanta, GA
50 Spiritual Tornados It's A Blessing Finch 21218
75 Spiritual Wings He Will Answer Prayers HSE 1470 ...The Melody Stars
75 Spiritualaires Spiritualaires True Gospel ??
50 Staples Singers This Little Light Riverside RLP 3527
50 Staples Singers Hammer & Nails Riverside RLP 3501 RLP 93501
50 Staples Singers This Land Riverside RLP 3524 RLP 93524
50 Staples Singers 25th Day Of December Riverside RLP 3513 RLP 93515
50 Staples Singers Soul Folk In Action Stax STS-2004
50 Staples Singers We'll Get Over Stax STS-2016
50 Staples Singers Staple Swingers Stax STS-2034
200 Staples Singers Uncloudy Day Vee Jay LP 5000 maroon label
75 Staples Singers Uncloudy Day Vee Jay LP 5000 oval logo
75 Staples Singers Will The Circle Be Unbroken Vee Jay LP 5008
50 Staples Singers Swing Low Sweet Chariot Vee Jay LP 5014
50 Staples Singers The Best Of Vee Jay LP 5019
50 Staples Singers Swing Low Sweet Chariot Vee Jay LP 5030
100 Stars Of Bethlehem Above My Head Ensign E-4001
75 Stars Of Faith Gospel Songs Savoy MG-14024
50 Stars Of Faith The Upper Room Savoy MG-14038
50 Stars Of Faith Of... God Is So Good HSE 1584 ...Detroit MI
150 Stars Of Glory I'm On My Way Champ LP-1937
150 Stars Of Glory We Need The Lord Champ LP-1967
50 Stars Of Virginia Lift Every Voice & Sing Atlantic SD R 016
50 Sunrising Kings Ring Out The Name Of Jesu Savoy MG-14145
125 Sunset Travelers On Jesus' Program Peacock PLP 122 with O.V. Wright
50 Supreme Angels Drinking Of The Wine Nashboro LP 7030
50 Supreme Angels Just Like Him Nashboro LP 7052
50 Supreme Angels If I'm Too High Nashboro LP 7072
150 Supreme Jubilees It'll All Be Over S&K SK 78129
50 Swain, Rosetta Me & Thee Champ LP-2032
75 Swan Mellarks I've Got A Soul To Save Crusade LP 1415
200 Swan Silvertones Swan Silvertones Vee Jay LP 5003 maroon label
75 Swan Silvertones Swan Silvertones Vee Jay LP 5003 oval logo
75 Swan Silvertones Singing In My Soul Vee Jay LP 5006
50 Swan Silvertones Saviour Pass Me Not Vee Jay LP 5013
50 Swan Silvertones Blessed Assurance Vee Jay LP 5034
50 Swan Silvertones The Best Of Vee Jay LP 5052
50 Swan Silvertones Let's Go To Church Vee Jay LP 5059
200 Swan Silvertones Spirituals Vol. 1 King 572 white figurine cover
200 Swan Silvertones Spirituals Vol. 1 King 572 hands cover
200 Swan Silvertones Spirituals Vol. 4 King 575 in church cover
200 Swan Silvertones Spirituals Vol. 4 King 575 hands cover
200 Swan Silvertones Spirituals Vol. 7 King 578 green church cover
200 Swan Silvertones Spirituals Vol. 7 King 578 hands cover
100 Swan Silvertones Swan Silvertones King 939
100 Swan Silvertones Swan's Silvertone Singers King 948
100 Swan Silvertones 15 Songs King 957
100 Swanee Quintet What About Me? Nashboro LP 7000
75 Swanee Quintet Anniversary Album Nashboro LP 7008
50 Swanee Quintet Meetin' Tonight Nashboro LP 7014
50 Swanee Quintet Soul Stirring Gospels Nashboro LP 7022
50 Swanee Quintet Songs That Lift The Soul Nashboro LP 7026
100 Swanee River Boys Sacred Songs King 567
75 Swanson, Rev. Abraham Bibleway Church Choir King G3-1121
50 Swindell Brothers This Trouble Of Mine Savoy MG-14064
50 Swindell Brothers Holy Train Savoy MG-14090 & Rev. J. Wilkerson
75 Swindell Brothers The Gospel Plow Rae-Cox 1123
400 Tatum, James Contemporary Jazz Mass JTTP LP 1001
50 Taylor, Clarence & The... We've Come A Long Way Champ LP-1729 ...McGauley Singers
100 Taylor, Prof. Charles The Message Savoy MG-14029
100 Tharpe, Sister Rosetta The Wedding Ceremony Decca DL 5382 (10")
75 Tharpe, Sister Rosetta Gospel Train Decca DL 8782
50 Tharpe, Sister Rosetta Gospel Train Mercury MG 20201
50 Tharpe, Sister Rosetta Sister Rosetta Tharpe MGM E 3821
50 Tharpe, Sister Rosetta Sister On Tour Verve V6-3005
200 The Bishop Phone Call From Heaven Michael MR-249
100 Thomas, Jerry & The... Jesus Is Calling ?? ?? ...Gospel Experience
125 Touch Signs & Wonders Saint Mark (none)
50 Travelaires Joy To My Soul Travelaires 721
50 Traveling Echoes The Traveling Echoes Jewel LP 0005
50 Traveling Notes Sensational Sound Nashboro LP 7034
50 Traveling Notes Just A Little More Faith Nashboro LP 7055
50 True Tones Let's Get It Together Glori ??
50 True Tones Victory Shall Be Mine Gospel Time 102
50 Truetone Gospel Singers One More River HSE 1552
150 Trumpetaires of Mobile,AL I'm On My Way To A City HSE 1577
75 Trumpeteers The Last Supper Grand LP-7701
150 Trumpeteers Milky White Way Score SLP-4021
75 Trumpeteers, etc. Nightingales & Pattersons King 951
75 Trumpettes Don't Forget The Bridge J&B 39
75 Universal Jubileers We Are The HLF 7277
75 Various Artists Spiritual Moods Apollo LP 481
75 Various Artists Greatest Spiritual Apollo LP 489
50 Various Artists The Mightiest Gospel... Checker LPS 10047 ...Program
250 Various Artists Together Designer LP 6940
150 Various Artists Best Spiritual Dootone DL 218
100 Various Artists Best Gospel Songs Dooto DL 225
50 Various Artists 10 Gospel Hits Gospel Rec.Co LP-1375
75 Various Artists Xmas Spirituals Gotham LPX-1
50 Various Artists Super Spiritual Hits HSE 1424
50 Various Artists Spirituals Imperial LP 9145
200 Various Artists Spirituals Vol. 5 King 576 green church cover
200 Various Artists Spirituals Vol. 5 King 576 hands cover
100 Various Artists Delta Gospel Review Little Acorn ??
50 Various Artists Best Loved Gospel Nashboro LP 7006
50 Various Artists Best Loved Gospel #2 Nashboro LP 7015
50 Various Artists All Time Gospel Hits Nashboro LP 7033
50 Various Artists All Time Gospel Hits 2 Nashboro LP 7040
50 Various Artists Gospel Train Regent RMG 6070
50 Various Artists A Gospel Program Regent RMG 6080
200 Various Artists Gospel Pearls Sar LPM 503
50 Various Artists Newport Spiritual Singers Savoy MG-14013
50 Various Artists He's Got The Whole World Savoy MG-14027
75 Various Artists Gospel Anniversary Program Savoy MG-14035
50 Various Artists Great Golden Gospel 1` Savoy MG-14069
50 Various Artists Revelaing Book Of Life Songbird SBLP 220
50 Various Artists Greatest Spirituals Time T / 10001
50 Various Artists Sunday Morning Vee Jay LP 5016
100 Vaughn Sisters Finishing Line Turquoise 1009
75 Victorious Glorylanders I'll Be There Gospel MG-3053
75 Victory Choral Union I'll Be Ready Gospel MG-3017
75 Victory Choral Union He'll Welcome You Gospel MG-3026
75 Victory Travelers Victory Travelers Jade LP 100
50 Violinaires Stand By Me Checker LP 10011
50 Violinaires The Fantastic Checker LP 10017 LPS 10017
50 Violinaires I'm Going To Serve The Lord Checker LP 10020 LPS 10020
50 Violinaires Move On Up Checker LP 10030 LPS 10030
50 Violinaires Shout Checker LPS 10040
50 Violinaires Live The Right Way Checker LPS 10045
50 Violinaires In Concert Checker LPS 10053
50 Violinaires God's Creation Checker LPS 10057
50 Violinaires At His Command Checker LPS 10060
75 Violinaires Groovin' With Jesus Checker CK-10067
50 Vocalaires God Is Real Sonlight ??
75 Voices Of Jordan The Voices Of Jordan Gospel MG-3011
50 Voices Of Tabernacle Heaven Gospel MG-3020
50 Walker, Albertina Miss Caravan Gospel MG-3051
75 Walker, Clara & Gospel... Take Me To The Water Gospel Rec.Co ?? ...Redeemers
50 Wandering Souls Of North Carolina Gospel MG-3063
50 Ward Singers Move On Up A Little Higher FM SFM 306
100 Ward Singers The Famous Savoy MG-15057 (10")
75 Ward Singers Surely God Is Able Savoy MG-14001
75 Ward Singers Lord Touch Me Savoy MG-14006
50 Ward Singers Meeting Tonight Savoy MG-14015
50 Ward Singers Packing Up Savoy MG-14020
50 Ward Singers In A Gospel Concert Savoy MG-14046
50 Ward Singers A Merry Christmas Savoy MG-14047
50 Ward Singers Just Over The Horizon Savoy MG-14060
50 Ward, Clara I Feel The Holy Spirit Savoy MG-14026
50 Ward, Clara That Old Landmark Savoy MG-14034
50 Ward, Clara The Best Of Savoy MG-14078
50 Ward, Clara Come In The Room Vanguard VRS 9101
50 Ward, Clara At The Village Gate Vanguard VRS 9135
75 Ward, Clara Scripture In Song Constellation 105 Book VI
200 Wartts, Andrew... There Is A God Somewhere Champ LP-1962 & Gospel Storytellers
50 Washington, Delores Deep River Gospel MG-3094
50 Washington, Delores Jesus I Love You Gospel MG-3089
50 Washington, Ella If You Can Take It Solomon S200001
150 Weeks, Norman &... Miracles Evergreen ...Revelations
50 Wells, Charlie & The... Someone To Care HSE 1454 ...Voices Of Clouds
50 Whitestar Spiritual Singers Time Has Made A Change HSE 1447
50 Wilkins, Rev. Robert Memphis Gospel Singer Piedmont PLP 13162
150 Will & The Sweet... I Found Him ?? ?? ...Sounding Tornados
50 William Singers He Lifted Me Checker LP 10082 AKA Williams
50 Williams, Ann & Williams You've Been Good To Me HSE 1484 ...Ensemble
50 Williams, Gloster &... Praying Spirit L.A. 1952 ...Master Control
75 Williams, Marion Somebody Bigger Than You Gospel MG-3003
50 Williams, Marion O Holy Night Savoy MG-14032
50 Williams, Marion God & Me Vee Jay LP 5024
50 Williams, Marion & The Stars Of Faith Vee Jay LP 5031
50 Williams, Marion & The... In The Upper Room Savoy MG-14038 ...Stars Of Faith
75 Williamson, Harold & The Wandering Souls TCS TCA 111
50 Willing Four Nearer To Thee Checker LPS 10039
50 Willing Four Of Chicago.. Testimony Jewel 175 ...IL
50 Wilson, Mattie Moultrie Time Ain't Long J&J
400 Windy City Four Don't Let The Devil Ride Sound-O-Rama 1148
50 Wings Over Jordan Wings Over Jordan Choir Dial LP 5163
50 Wings Over Jordan Wings Over Jordan Choir King 265-75 (10")
75 Wings Over Jordan Amen King 395-519 white cover
50 Wings Over Jordan Amen King 519 dark sky cover
50 Wings Over Jordan Wings Over Jordan Choir King 560
50 Wondering Souls Revival Time Rae-Cox 1124
75 Woods, Maceo Amazing Grace Vee Jay LP 5001 maroon
50 World Wonders Don't Give Up Savoy SL-14510
50 World Wonders The Cost Of Living Savoy SL-14576
100 Young, Dewey & Flying... God Bless Our Home Sphere Sound LP 1001 ...Clouds
100 Young, Dewey & Flying... God Bless Our Home Revelation 5002 ...Clouds
150 Zion Harmonizers &... That Old Time Religion Ponchatrain P-137 ...Wallace Davenport
75 Zion Jubilees This Is Our Prayer Memorial 515
150 Zion Travelers Down By The River Dooto DTL 807
150 Zion Travelers It's Amazing Excell ??

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